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Let’s cook — get down and dirty in the kitchen and try out our collection of recipes from the island’s gourmands and chefs

Squid Ink Rice at Hujan Locale

It’s raining chefs in the lush hills of Ubud, Bali. Asia’s beloved Street Food Chef, Will Meyrick, has transported his “chef-in-crime” Palm Amatawet, together with Chef Tim Bartholomew, to the kitchen of Hujan Locale, his latest culinary baby in the centre of town…

Crispy Pig’s Ears at Hujan Locale

Hujan Locale landed in Ubud like a welcome tropical rain: refreshing its farms and fields, nourishing our bodies with nature’s bounty and capturing our hearts and souls with its found-and-foraged culinary movement. Be adventurous and try out Chef Will Meyrick’s pig’s ears recipe from Hujan Locale!

Balinese Red Duck Curry at The Laneway

The Laneway at the luxury villa resort Peppers Sentosa is the latest dining experience in Seminyak, Bali’s trendiest address. Serving wholesome, locally sourced Asian-inspired food in a chic, relaxed atmosphere, dining at The Laneway is a real epicurean delight. The chef at The Laneway has shared his flavourful Balinese red duck curry recipe for your enjoyment!

Surabaya Tofu Salad at Sarong Restaurant Bali

Freshly back from his culinary tours across Asia, Chef Will Meyrick’s suitcase is filled with fascinating stories and precious memories of East Java – stories of his connections with talented characters who share his passion for street food, and memories of his newfound love for the province’s cuisine. This time he’s sharing the recipe of one of my favourite East Javanese dishes: tahu tek or Surabaya tofu salad.