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Food highlights — reviews of new restaurants, gourmet food and wine

But First, Brunch

Brunch—an indulgent and sociable meal inextricably tied with last night’s debauchery—is a dirty, dirty word in Ubud. The once quaint hometown of Bali’s artists and craftsmen has transformed into a holistic healing hotspot inundated with a parade of cold-press-juicing, kale-munching dietary tribe and sun-saluting limbersexuals seeking spirituality with their spirulina and clarity with their chia.

A Little French Flair in Bali

The narrow stretch of Jalan Arjuna in Kuta, Bali’s legendary tourist hub, is clustered with tacky shops and dodgy late-night bars. The last thing one would expect to find hidden in the side alley off this notoriously congested street is an oasis of elegant dining. And this is part of the charm of Pearl Restaurant, Bali’s best-kept French fine dining secret.

A Fine New World

Up in the hills of Ubud, amongst the lush grounds of the Blanco Renaissance Museum, a culinary revolution is underway at BLANCO par Mandif, a new restaurant by Indonesia’s award-winning chef and restaurateur of the hugely successful Teatro Gastroteque, Mandif M. Warokka.

The Elements of Life

Here’s a question to think about: do you eat to live or live to eat? From Socrates to Buddha, we are guided to eat simply and live modestly, yet for most of us, food is more than merely fuel. “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are,” wrote French gastronome Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin. In our society, eating has become an intensely personal experience and an imperative language in the articulation of our identities as individuals, a society, a culture and a nation.

A Toast to Ubud’s Best Roast

A freshly brewed cup of coffee is more than just a daily pleasure, it’s a way of life. And the art of drinking coffee is just as important as the science of brewing the perfect cup. Coffee is a powerful and complex stimulant that continues to play an integral role in our political, social, economic and environmental development. Some even claim that it’s a character-defining beverage: you are what you drink. In Bali, Ubud’s thriving café culture is extensive. Mom-and-pop coffee shops and specialty roasters offer tantalising signature house blends and single origins, encouraging us to be adventurous with their tales of exotic, far-flung cherries and indigenous beans. Follow my coffee chronicles as I sip my way around town and spill the beans on the best little-known artisan coffees in Ubud. Juria House Juria House (Jalan Sugriwa 5, is an unexpected hole-in-the-wall coffee corner in Ubud, quietly steeping the world’s rarest high-grade Arabica from a very special single variety coffee grown in Flores. These coffee trees are descendants of an old, rare Typica species of Arabica …

Welcome to the Jungle!

There is always that one evocative summer that changes you: the lingering memories of a sweet romance; long gourmet brunches with great friends; endless sun-drenched afternoons celebrating the pure joy of doing absolutely nothing—and what better place to enjoy summertime feasting and living than at the newly opened Jungle Fish in Ubud?

Black is Back: The Secrets of Bamboo Charcoal

Never one to shy away from innovating and experimenting, Gelato Secrets is ecstatic to be the first to introduce bamboo charcoal gelato in Indonesia. Taking the culinary world by storm, the bizarrely edible bamboo charcoal has hit the bakeries and kitchens of Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Australia and the USA and is spreading like wildfire worldwide.

The Pride of Alsace

On 2nd February at a special wine dinner at Cut Catch Cucina, Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort’s signature restaurant, we had the pleasure of meeting Etienne Hugel, a 12th-generation torchbearer of the family-owned Hugel & Fils, a pioneering winemaker in the small French region of Alsace…

Comfort Food from the Heart

It was not easy, but we have found the best pho in Bali. This elusive classic Vietnamese beef noodle soup is a signature of Bo & Bun, a new Asian eatery specializing in Vietnamese comfort food and Southeast Asian cuisines, well-worth the parking hassle on the busiest street of Seminyak…

March of the Peruvian

In recent years, the Nuevo Latino culinary movement has taken the gastronomy world by storm. Ubud’s hot newcomer, PICA South American Kitchen, is positioning itself as the undisputed destination for this nouvelle gourmet cuisine worthy of a trip to the cultural heartland of Bali…